Where can we park while we are on tour?

There is parking all around the Pearl. Signs are posted that parking is for Pearl patrons only, so if you choose to park inside the parking lot, you are parking at your own risk. The ideal recommendation is to UBER to the site or take another mode of transportation.

Is the bike included in the price?

Yes. The bike is included along with a helmet.

What is the cancellation policy?

There will be a full refund with 72 hours of notice. A 50% refund will be given with 48 hour notice. There will be no refund within a 48 hours. Weather-related cancellations will be refunded 100%. If it is raining the ride will be cancelled. If only a light sprinkle, we will ride as long as the rider’s feel comfortable. Additionally, if the temperature drops below 50°F we will refund the ride 100% for those people who would like to cancel.

What kind of bikes will we be using?

The bikes being used are Fuji cruisers.

What is the minimum age to go on a tour?

The minimum age to book a tour is 18. Children between the ages of 14 -17 are able to join on the ride as long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. For any children under the age of 14 please contact us at contact@sanantoniomuralride.com.

How many people will be on the ride?

We currently will host up 10 riders. For groups bigger than 10 people please contact us directly at contact@sanantoniomuralride.com.

How do I book a private tour?

Please email all private tour inquiries to contact@sanantoniomuralride.com. Once confirmed you may click on the below link for booking confirmation.